Body Contouring In Glendale, CA

What Is Body Contouring? 


After losing a significant amount of weight, the skin and tissue that supported the weight can lose elasticity, resulting in sagging skin and leftover fat. Body contouring, which can be done surgically or non-surgically, is a solution to this problem. Surgical body contouring involves procedures that rebuild and reshape parts of the body by removing excess tissue and then sculpting the underlying muscle to appear more normal.


Non-surgical body contouring involves diminishing cellulite, dissolving fat, and skin toning through non-invasive methods. These methods can include laser therapy, radiofrequency therapy, ultrasound waves, and fat freezing and can be used in multiple combinations depending on the person’s body chemistry. Many of these non-invasive procedures work at heating and freezing cells in order to activate cell regeneration and skin growth. These procedures tend to be the more popular results for body contouring in Glendale, CA. 


Both options can exist at a wide variety of offices and beauty spas, allowing clients to work with their healthcare professionals to sculpt the body in their desired shape and give them a much more satisfying appearance. Body contouring in Glendale, CA has been significantly popular over the past few years and for those who wish to achieve a more natural looking body, 7Q beauty spa has the non-surgical procedures that are proven to work.


What Places Offer Body Contouring In Glendale, CA? 


7Q Spa provides body contouring services for those who wish to maintain a healthy body without sacrificing money and time into the procedure. 7Q’s medical professionals work diligently with their clients to discuss what issues they are having with their body and help them understand the chemistry behind why the body creates cellulite and losses its ability to regenerate skin cells at a faster rate. When you head on over to 7Q spa for body contouring in Glendale, CA, you’ll be treated with the best service possible as 7Q healthcare professionals will work with you to achieve your body aesthetic. 


Velashape III - Velashape works through non-surgical means, providing bi-polar RF and optical energies to deliver the treatment into the dermis and hypodermis zones. Using radiofrequency to zap deposits of fat cells on the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks, Velashape is innovative body contouring in Glendale, CA that allows you to look and feel better about yourself without having to deal with the downtime from surgical procedures. This allows the client to immediately continue their everyday life, as the process itself is non-invasive and practically painless. 


Sculptra Butt Lift - Butt lifts are the top trending for body contouring in the beauty industry for its ability to sculpt the butt to the perfect shape. At 7Q Spa, our medical professionals use quick and painless injections under the skin to stimulate collagen growth and produce more subtle results. While Brazillian butt lips require invasive surgeries such as liposuction, in just under 30 minutes, the Sculptra butt lift procedure will help improve results over time to achieve a softness that’s natural and attractive. 


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