Colon Hydrotherapy 101

Colon Hydrotherapy is a cleansing of the colon with warm water to remove fecal matter, gas, and mucus, allowing nutrients to be more properly absorbed and leave people with a healthy, well-rounded colon. Because much of people’s diets include the consumption of proteins, processed foods, unsaturated fats, and sugars, the colon can potentially become a literal waste pit for toxins and fecal matter, resulting in issues such as constipation, nausea, and other digestion issues. 7Q Spa’s Colon Hydrotherapy in Glendale, CA can potentially help relieve these symptoms by flushing out the body of those unwanted toxins, resulting in a healthier life. 


Is Colon Hydrotherapy Safe? 

At 7Q Spa, our qualified specialists ensure that our methods of colon cleansing are safe as well as effective. We only use FDA approved medical devices for all of our advanced medical procedures, and all of our equipment is properly sterilized and disposed of through a filtration process. 

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work? 

During the procedure, we insert a tube into the rectum, filling the lower colon with water to flush out its contents. As the waste is carried away through a sanitary evacuation system, our specialists will monitor the pressure, temperature, and flow of the water to maximize your comfort level. Once the procedure is complete, we will evaluate your experience and recommend future advice for taking care of your body, including an individualized health plan, dietary modification, and probiotic supplements. After the procedure, you may feel a “lightness” after flushing out the contents in your system, which is normal. 

What’s the Difference Between an Enema and Colon Hydrotherapy?

Enema introduces liquids into the colon through rapid expansion, causing the lower intestinal tract to expand. Enemas can cause uncomfortable bloating, cramping, and put a strain on the rectum, which can potentially result in hemorrhoids. Our methods for Colon Hydrotherapy in Glendale, CA, work by using a gentler flow of water in and out of the system to dissolve the toxic material without causing stress.

How Should I Prepare for my Appointment? 

At 7Q Spa, we recommend not eating for at least two hours before the procedure. If this isn’t your first time at 7Q Spa, we recommend following our health plans, which include changing diets and taking probiotic supplements. 

Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work?

Over time, the body gets affected by factors such as toxins, pollutants, an imbalanced diet, and stress, all leading to an unhealthy buildup in the colon. Fecal matter that doesn’t get flushed away can lead to an unhealthy balance of acid-alkaline in the colon, making it difficult for the body to digest food properly. This is known as Colon Toxicity, which if left treated for long periods of time, can become fatal. While physicians and medical doctors can prescribe treatments, cleansing the colon can help relieve those symptoms and evacuate the fecal matter that’s harming your body. 


If you’re looking for a place to get Colon Hydrotherapy in Glendale, CA, 7Q Spa is the place to go for the safest, most assured treatment. Colon Hydrotherapy can improve muscle tone, improve digestion, increase your energy, increase your libido, and increase overall energy for nutrient absorption.

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