Cosmelan Depigmentation


One of the great joys of getting older, though it most certainly beats the alternative, is watching our skin get older, too. No matter how much sunscreen you use (and certainly you are protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays on a regular basis), the types of medical conditions you have that require medication, or how careful you are about your general skin care regimen, sunspots, brown patches, and damaged skin are bound to appear. Most of us, if we are particularly bothered by these spots, may apply concealer or use makeup to hide our discolored pigment. But alas, there is only so long that lasts.


There are more permanent, low risk ways of treating skin blemishes and unwanted discolorations, however. Take Cosmelan Depigmentation, for example. This procedure works by delaying the production of melanin, which is a broad term for the various pigments found in human skin. By inhibiting the enzymes that regulate the production of melanin, Cosmelan Depigmentation essentially stops the development of blotchy skin and dark spots. It does this through the use of a specialized skin solution and then, facial mask. And because the enzymes that control the production of melanin are also affected, this course of skin care ensures that less uneven coloring, stains, and unsightly marks on the skin are generated.


There are, as referenced earlier, two phases to Cosmelan Depigmentation. The first phase involves use of a specially treated cleanser administered in office, that cleans and purifies the skin. This phase then enables the skin to readily absorb Cosmelan cream, which is the beginning of the second phase of your depigmentation. Thereafter, a thick Cosmelan skin mask is applied and left on the face for a number of hours. Once at home, additional creams and ointments are used so that the restoration of your skin’s glow can shine forth.

Because this is a medical procedure, it is important to note that your skin will respond to the initial treatment by becoming red or flaking. As the treatment continues however, new skin will emerge spot- free, and with far more evenly pigmentation than you had before.

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