Deep Cleaning Facials


A deep cleaning facial, also referred to sometimes as a deep cleansing facial, is a skin care treatment that gets in and under your skin in all the best ways. Facial treatments of this depth focus on smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, the effects of dehydration, and all sorts of other skin impurities. By removing dead skin cells, excess oil, treating acne breakouts, increasing skin turgor, and providing an overall rejuvenated appearance, deep cleaning facials can make you and your skin feel brand new.


The difference between a deep cleaning facial and other types of skin care treatments and techniques has a lot to do with how your pores are treated. See, a deep cleaning facial is all about steaming your pores, opening them up, unclogging them, and then extracting the dirt and oil trapped within them.

Before your pores can get the much needed treatment they need however, our deep cleaning facialist will use a soap that gently scrubs and sloughs off the top layer of dead skin cells that have called your face home for too long. Once that is complete, your facialist, or aesthetician, will begin the exfoliation process. Once this is all done and your pores are steamed and cleaned, a face mask created for your skin type will be applied, and followed by a moist, warm towel, and a moisturizing treatment.


After all that TLC, it can be daunting to think about how you will be able to keep your skin as healthy looking as it was when you walked out of our spa. But have no fear, because lasting results are not just the byproduct of one treatment. Rather, depending on your skin type, sensitivities, and what you want for yourself and your face, you will need to revisit your aesthetician at least every month or two. The benefit of this is that you are never alone with your skin care and can always consult us, the experts, about the best way to keep your glow, well… glowing!

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