Toxins are described as substances in the body that don’t belong, and can come from a wide variety of sources: 


Waste products - are considered toxins because they do not support the body, and if left in long enough, can potentially harm it. Colon hydrotherapy, herbal enemas, and other detox treatments in Glendale, CA can help your body excrete the waste in a safe way.


Dietary toxins - such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, are typically considered toxins and can affect the way the digestive system works. For dietary toxins, changes in diet such as eating fruits and vegetables, juice fasting, and other diet plans can help change the way your body digests food and give it a break from the toxins in the body. 


Psychological toxins - can occur from stress, causing the body to become tense in pain. Changes in mindset, such as meditation, yoga, and exercise can help release those toxins from the body. 


Environmental toxins - are pollutants that have entered our diets, such as pesticides, home furnishing chemicals, and chemical-lined cookware. These kinds of toxins are the most difficult to avoid, but some detox treatments in Glendale, CA can help remove them. 

While there are many medical spas in the field that address different types of toxins, 7Q Spa specializes in detox treatments in Glendale, CA that work on removing waste products that exist in the body, such as colon hydrotherapy, and foot detoxing. Foot detoxing is one of our specialties when it comes to treating toxins. Foot detox can help relieve the body from stress and improve your overall health. 


What Is a Foot Detox? 


Ionic Foot Detox is a detox treatment in Glendale, CA that pulls the toxins out of the body through the feet. An Ionic Foot Detox works by sending a low current containing negative hydrogen particles into a footbath. Also called ions, these ions hold a charge that attracts the negative charge of toxins in the body, pulling the toxins from the body, to the feet, and through osmosis. 

What Are the Benefits of a Foot Detox? 


By removing the poisonous metals and toxins from the body, you’ll be able to experience many benefits after your detox treatment in Glendale, CA. Some of those benefits include lessened joint pain, less chronic fatigue, less stress and anxiety, potential relief from gastrointestinal disorders, improved circulation, and can help combat obesity. If you’re interested in our Ionic Foot Detox treatment in Glendale, CA, then give us a call to schedule an appointment. At 7Q Spa, we specialize in some of the best medical spa treatments for the body while making it a relaxing experience for our patients. Our treatments are always done by qualified medical professionals, that way you can be sure that our detox treatments are some of the best in the Glendale area. 

Call us today and schedule an appointment to try our Ionic Foot Detox treatment. Relax in the water as the ions pull toxins away, leaving you refreshed and happier than ever. 

7Q Spa

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