Face Cleansing

A common misconception is that you only need to wash your face at night in order to remove make-up and any dirt from the day. However, there are benefits to cleansing in the morning that make it just as important. Face cleansing in Glendale, CA is the key to a clear complexion because it prepares your skin for the application of daily serums and moisturizers. You want to always wash your face after a workout to prevent breakouts, and wash excessively oily skin morning and night. For very dry or sensitive skin, stick to cleansing once daily in the evening. 

Never use extremely hot or cold water to rinse. A lukewarm temperature feels more comfortable on the skin and is preferred. Extremes of water temperature may cause broken capillaries. Always dry your skin with a soft cloth; don't rub but gently dab to dry.

Treat Yourself To A Face Massage 

It’s likely that everyone, at some point in their lives, has experienced bags or dark circles under the eyes. Sure, you could stock up on eye cream but giving yourself an under eye massage can be beneficial.



Whether you’re looking to get rid of wrinkles, reduce headaches, relax, or keep your youthful glow, consider a facial massage. With your fingers and a couple of tools, you can get your own spa-level facial massage when you’re on the go! To help you get an idea of just what facial massages can do for you, we’ve compiled a list of benefits that you can experience when you incorporate facial massages into your daily routine.


Exfoliate Your Face

Remove dead cells and exfoliate to expose the newer cell layers. Exfoliating helps unclog your pores, improves skin texture and tone, and gives your skin a healthier glow. 

Protect your skin and avoid irritations or abrasions by exfoliating no more than once or twice a week. There is no need to scrub hard and damage your skin. 

If you choose to use a facial brush, we recommend the following tips:


Contemplating a Toner?

Toners are most helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for those who want extra face cleansing in Glendale, CA after wearing makeup or other heavy skin products. Start out using your toner only once a day to make sure it doesn’t cause breakouts or dry out your skin before upping your use.

Protect Your Skin

Protect your skin and keep your face healthy with proper face cleansing in Glendale, CA. It doesn't take much work or time to clear away dead skin cells, excess skin oils, environmental pollutants and organisms that clog your pores that irritate and age your face. No matter how tired you are, don’t go to bed with your makeup on. It clogs your pores and encourages bacterial growth, which makes you more prone to skin inflammation and acne! Regular face cleansing in Glendale, CA will keep you looking fresh!

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