How an Ionic Foot Detox Can Improve Your Health


Dating back some 5,000 years, this Ayurvedic Eastern Indian practice has been successfully and therapeutically used for generations. Through the simple use of an ionized foot bath, impurities and toxins can be removed through the feet, allowing for a full cleansing and detoxification of the body. The toxins being removed in this process build up in our systems over time as a result of chronic health problems, stressors, and aging.


Based on the premise that the human body responds to electrochemical stimuli, the ionic foot detox sends a low current, containing negative hydrogen particles called ions, into the foot bath. These ions are then osmotically absorbed into your feet, allowing for the restoration of your body’s chemical balance. When this purifying, ionized water travels through your body by way of your lower extremities, it heals and detoxifies major organs through the electrical pathways it navigates within you.

As negatively charged hydrogen ions enter your system, they counteract cancer-causing free radicals and serve as antioxidants. This process helps you rid yourself of the rather dangerous toxins that are lurking within.


It is pretty amazing that a foot bath that can relax and soothe even the most weary among us, can do so while also increasing blood flow, stimulating the healing process, and bringing new life to your feet and body.

There are so many benefits to an ionic foot detox bath, and they can be achieved within a treatment that lasts just 30 minutes. In addition to the elimination of free radicals, heavy metals, and other imbalanced sources of biochemical as well as electrochemical energy, an ionic detox can reduce pain, flare ups, and alleviate the symptoms of chronic health conditions. Some of the most difficult- to- combat health issues including allergy attacks, sleep problems, mood disorders, arthritic pain, gastrointestinal distress, low libido, yeast infections, immunological problems, circulatory distress, and obesity have all responded well to the ionic foot detox and can help in other, truly remarkable ways.

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