Hydra Facial in Glendale, CA

What's So Special About The Hydra Facial?

Hydra Facial is all about using water as a medium for exfoliation, removing dead skin cells through suction and at the same time, infuses the skin with hydrating serums. The serums have antioxidant properties that are tailored to the needs of the client. The magic happens during the treatment, and because of its unique design, it's become highly popular. Over 2 million people use it! If you're looking for a hydra facial in Glendale, CA, then look no further than 7Q Spa!

How Does The Treatment Work?

The Hydra Facial works by cleansing and removing the dead skin cells using a specially customized dermaplaning tool that's made to scrape lightly at the skin combined with the soothing effects of water. Through this first step, any leftover makeup and dirt left on the skin will be removed and will open up your pores. Next, we apply an acid peel made with a mixture of salicylic and glycolic acids to further break up dirt and oil that's clogging the pores. Then the HydraPeel tip, the magic tool that makes this facial fantastic, vacuums out any leftover dirt and impurities while hydrating and nourishing serums are applied to the skin.

What Do Hydra Facials Do For Your Skin?

It hydrates, plumpens, brightens and ultimately forms a brighter complexion. It reduces fine lines, reduces wrinkles, evens tone, textures, and reduces enlarged pores. It has minimal side effects and no down-time. After the treatment, it is best to leave the skin alone and let it rest, because that is fresh, clean skin that's soaking up all the benefits of the facial. After a day, you can resume a routine. A Hydra Facial in Glendale, CA, can be used for any age and skin type. The Hydra Facial is especially useful for teens with acne, pimples, and hyper-pigmentation, but any person who's having issues with their skin can benefit from the Hydra Facial.

How Long Does It Last?

Hydra Facial is the start of long-term skin health because of how it gives the client a clean slate. It's not a quick fix, but multiple uses of the Hydra Facial in Glendale, CA can result in some improvement in the skin over time. For the best-looking skin, four to six weeks is recommended. It's also great with other procedures, as we at 7Q Spa offer amazing services for micro-needling, IV vitamin drips, and mesotherapy. At 7Q Spa, we focus on desired beauty aesthetics and combine that with medical technology to create long-lasting results for each client. From laser hair removal to microneedling, our medical stylists practice in the art of beauty and medicine to cleanse the skin, rejuvenate the body, and clear the mind. If you're interested in learning more about the Hydra Facial in Glendale, CA, then call us today to schedule a consultation. At our consultations, we'll look at your skin, ask questions about your health, and provide the best services you need to feel healthy again.

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