Indulge in This Soothing, Rejuvenating Skin Treatment

Oxygen facials are a great option for patients looking to refresh their skin through a relaxing process. Read on for the real scoop on what oxygen facials are like:


It’s a common misconception that oxygen facials are painful. This is most definitely a myth! On the contrary, oxygen facials have a soothing effect. They are one of the more relaxing facial procedures, and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The customized process kicks off with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation that will slough off your dead skin cells and leave your face glowing. After that, a physician uses the O2 Activator, which releases a steady stream of oxygen mixed with customizable blends of peptides and other botanicals. Oxygen is a vital component of healthy cell revitalization and can help kill harmful bacteria.The effect? A luminous shine and renewed defense against unflattering breakouts. Finally, the client will receive a massage and mask sub-treatment to help simultaneously soften and firm the skin.


Kate Middleton can attest to this. The Duchess of Cambridge, often praised for her luminous complexion, is known for relying on oxygen facials to keep her skin glowing. She reportedly got one right before her wedding day. Oxygen facial not only provide a relaxing therapeutic plumping of the skin, the procedure also helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles and makes expression lines less obvious—all while improving circulation. The oxygen moisturizes the skin in a manner that helps prevent any future breakouts. And one of the best parts? Oxygen facials do no leaving any splotches that are common side effects of more traditional facials.


Myth: oxygen facials work best on women. Truth: oxygen facials hold positive effects for anyone—both male and female, old and young alike. In fact, a wide range of celebrities have embraced oxygen facials as a means to keep their skin looking fresh and healthy. From Brad Pitt to Madonna to Justin Timberlake to Naomi Campbell to Katy Perry, a diverse group of red carpet stars rely on this nourishing treatment. But of course, effective skin renewal does not have to be limited to this list of famous A-listers. An oxygen facial is an affordable option to get your skin healthy and refreshed. Because the process maintains a customizable element, patients can receive a treatment that works best for their specific needs and wants. The deep hydration provided by the treatment will leave you with immediate results that will keep your skin radiantly healthy.

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