Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It? Here Are Answers to Five of Your Most Pressing Questions

Are you tired of shaving? Are you tired of looking at unsightly dark hairs in noticeable areas of your body? Are you craving skin that is permanently smooth to the touch? Then you should explore laser hair removal treatment as an option for removing unwanted hairs. Here we answer your most pressing questions about the procedure.


The treatment is quick and straightforward. A trained technician uses a handheld device that releases a highly-concentrated beam of light into the hair follicles. As the physician moves the device over the skin of the designated area, the laser beams interacts with the hair follicles, ultimately stripping them of their ability to regrow hair. The laser lights are emitted within milliseconds, so the process is over very quickly. After a few sessions that take place over the course of several weeks, most patients experience complete and permanent elimination of hair in the treated areas.


Yes. The laser beams do not harm skin because the particular wavelength that’s used is in the treatment is absorbed by dark hairs only. Prior to treatment, the physician trims the hairs in the area being treated and adjusts the beam of the laser to fit the color and thickness of the patient’s hair. The process continues once the light beam is safely tested and confirmed to maintain an appropriate intensity. It is recommended that clients wear protective goggles as another safety precaution to avoid eye damage from the infrared light that is used.


From waxing, to tweezing, chemical depilation, to electrolysis, humans have historically endured significant pains to remove hair. Thankfully, laser hair removal provides a less painful alternative to these other methods. The pain involved with laser treatment is minimal compared to other hair removal options. Plus, there are several pain-diminishing measures accompanying the procedure that can help maintain patient comfort. For example, technicians can provide cooling gel or topical anesthetic to help soothe the targeted region in the moment. Patients may experience some post-procedural redness or swelling, which can be treated with icing and anti-inflammatory lotion. Because the process occurs so quickly thanks to the advanced light beam technology that’s used, any discomfort experienced in the moment of treatment is extremely brief.


At least six weeks prior to treatment, patients should avoid using any hair removal methods that alters the root of the hair (e.g., tweezing, waxing, and electrolysis; note that shaving is acceptable). Laser hair removal is most effective on lighter skin because the lasers can more easily identify the hairs; thus, patients should avoid sun-tanning while preparing for the process.


If you have dark hair that you would like removed from certain areas of your body, then yes, this treatment is a good option for you. It has proven to be effective on both men and women alike, and provides a more permanent — and oftentimes less painful — alternative to other hair removal procedures. Because it eventually eliminates hair growth, it is also cost efficient. No more shelling out money for razor blades, bleaching, or waxing-related costs — you’ll ultimately save big in the long run!

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