Lightening Peel


No matter how much we protect our skin from sun damage, there are, sadly, other ways that our skin can become discolored, saggy, scarred, keratotic, spotted, tagged, and otherwise damaged. While this list is not exclusive and frankly, may be a bit overwhelming or scary, understand that you are most definitely not alone when it comes to marked-up, blemished, “not quite as young looking as it used to be” skin. Changes are a part of the aging process. For those who are lucky to be able to age, there are ways to continue doing so with vibrant skin and a healthy complexion that glows like it once did.


Lightening peels are a popular way of restoring your skin to its former glory. While there are a wide variety of peels available to the public, chemical lightening peels are strongly indicated for individuals who have unwanted wrinkles, uneven or dulled complexions, superficial melasma (skin that becomes darker than is typical and develops in patches), as well as solar lentigines (swaths of skin that are darker than the rest of your skin, generally caused by UV radiation and very common in the over 40 subset).

As for its ability to treat wrinkles and smooth the skin, lightening peels concentrate on restoring the elasticity and turgor to saggy skin, as well as cell renewal. These peels also encourage collagen production and the management of elastin within the skin. Additionally, tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for activating melanin production, is also inhibited during a lightening peel which in turn, allows the skin to produce more evenly colored, toned, and blemish-free skin.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who cannot reap the benefits of a lightening peel because of medical conditions (heart problems and pregnancy), habits (smoking), abnormal skin discolorations, and individuals with naturally darker complexions. It is always important that you consult with your skin care center as well as your personal doctor to make sure that you are indeed a candidate for a lightening peel.


The application of glycolic, kojic, and phytic acids may sting upon initial application, but the results they give you are phenomenal. By removing your skin’s outermost layer, combatting the damage acne often leaves behind, and addressing your skin’s hydration and wrinkles, your skin is sure to return to its youthful luminescence. Depending on your desired results, you can have a lightening peel monthly or even bi-monthly. If you are looking for a way to transform your damaged skin, it is time you considered a lightening peel.

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