More Tips for Caring for Delicate Skin and Appearing Younger

In a recently conducted study whose results surprise no one, the University of Göttingen in Germany has found that the appearance of a woman’s skin has an enormous impact on how others perceive their age. Of the 240 participants in the study, women with “smooth and radiant” skin on their hands, chest, and arms were believed to be upwards of ten years younger than their similarly aged counterparts with drier and duller skin.

Since these areas of the body are delicate and more prone to sun damage and other potentially aging affects, it’s best to pay careful attention to these areas in addition to regular facial treatments in order to maintain a full-body youthful appearance. Here are a few things you can do to maintain your skin and stay looking young:


Aside from making your skin look and smell good, moisturizers contain skin-saving ingredients including humectants (such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid) which absorb water from the air and into your skin. Moisturizers also include emollients (found in mineral oils or dimethicone) which help your body retain moisture and strengthen the body’s lipid barrier.

Research shows that maintaining moisturized skin helps prevent collagen breakdown and elastin infrastructure.


Don’t neglect areas below the neck: darkened spots on the chest and hands are indications of aging just as much as when they appear on the face. Using products with melanin-reducing niacinamide, glucosamine, and vitamin C can help fade sun-spots away, as can a quick treatment with intense pulsed light treatment (IPL), which can calm pigment-producting melanocytes in the skin.


While you sleep, your body releases hormones that stimulate cell production and repair. Boost your body’s recovery by applying age-fighting actives like beta hydroxy acid and retinoids to treat wrinkles before they appear.

It’s easier said than done, no doubt, but getting extra sleep is valuable for your body in more ways than just your skin.

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