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PDO thread lifts are a minimally invasive procedure involving dissolvable threads and a tiny needle, where a medical professional lifts and tightens the skin tissue. These threads are made with Polydioxanone, a synthetic polymer that disappears through hydrolysis, or absorption. PDO threading in Glendale, CA produces beneficial results including skin lifting, cellular renewal, collagen stimulation, and skin tightening. 

Are PDO Thread Lifts Safe? 


Very safe! Compared to fillers and injectables, the side effects are milder than most lift treatments. Because the threads are inserted through needles, only mild side effects may be experienced; such as light bruising, mild swelling, or soreness for about 3-5 days. A sense of tightness and mild dimpling can also occur within the next 2 weeks after the procedure. With PDO threading in Glendale, CA, it all depends on the experience of your medical professional. At 7Q Spa, you don’t have to worry if our team has the right qualifications because our doctors are skilled in various specialties to give our patients the highest quality service.

What Do I Need To Do Before and After the Procedure? 


Before getting a PDO Thread Lift in Glendale, CA, we suggest avoiding alcohol, going to a steam room or sauna, or engaging in heavy exercises two days before the treatment. We also recommend this two days after the treatment, as well as discouraging you from undergoing any dental treatment. While recovering, sleeping on your back will allow you to avoid putting pressure on the face or other areas that have received a lift. Taping the face can also help relieve discomfort. 

What Areas Can Be Treated with PDO Threading in Glendale, CA? 


Some of the areas that can be treated with our PDO Thread Lift include: 


What Results Should I Expect after a PDO Thread Lift? 


The skin is immediately lifted after a PDO thread because the threads provide support for the desired lifted skin to adjust to its new position. Within the first week, your skin should feel tighter and more natural-looking, however, because the threads will take time to become dissolved, the rejuvenation effects will kick in between month 1 and 2 during the healing process. Your skin will have better texture, will feel firmer, and will be soft to the touch. Within nine months, the threads will completely dissolve. Repeated procedures after those nine months will assure that the skin adjusts to its new positions and will result in long-lasting, firmer skin. After the second procedure, the skin will keep its firmness and regrow for up to 3 years. 


Where Can I Get a PDO Thread in Glendale, CA? 


At 7Q Spa, we specialize in our most advanced technology to revolutionize medical beauty. If you have noticeable crow’s feet and want a non-invasive face lift option, head on over to our medical spa, and we’ll give you a PDO thread lift that will make you look and feel younger in just a few days. 

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