Gravity can be a bit of a beast when it comes to our skin. Sagging, droopy folds that are the result of age, excess sun exposure, or even a significant weight loss, can make you feel a bit older than you would like and frankly, cause you to be rather disappointed with your skin’s appearance. First, know that having less tone and decreased skin turgor are simply part of the aging process. Second, protein depletion, the reason behind these changes, is also commonplace as we get older.

The significance of protein loss as it relates to our skin cannot be overlooked. Collagen is the most plentiful protein we have, and is referred to sometimes as the glue that keeps us together. Elastin, another important protein whose supply decreases as we age, is largely responsible for maintaining our skin’s elasticity and firmness. It is no wonder then, that our skin suffers as we lose a portion of each of these proteins. Fortunately though, there is a way to restore both our collagen and elastin levels, no matter how long they have been depleted.


Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth, thereby allowing tissue to grow and “fill in” over time. This in turn helps to smooth out once wrinkled skin, restore fullness, and renew your skin’s healthy glow. Sculptra not only corrects damaged skin, but treats the underlying reasons that caused the damage, i.e., protein loss. In addition, Sculptra sets itself apart from other fillers because it does more than just fill your skin. While other fillers last only as long as the supply that has been injected, Sculptra encourages collagen growth that keeps your face fuller and smoother for longer.

Sculptra works its magic through the use of polylactic acid, a chemical that mimics naturally occurring lactic acid. Similar to its synthetic, injected version, lactic acid is critical for collagen production. And because of the long lasting benefits of Sculptra, many patients can enjoy its rewards. In fact, this injectable is also used to treat individuals suffering from lipoatrophy,  a general term that describes a loss of fat in any localized area of skin. This is quite a boon for patients with diseases that cause pathological weight loss or skin that sags, as well as those whose goals are primarily cosmetic.


Polylactic acid is injected into key areas of your skin and creates volume gradually. As it is distributed through your dermal layers and massaged about, collagen development begins. And while Sculptra treatments may sound highly technical and complicated, you can be rest assured that they are based on tried and true science that not only serves to safely beautify your skin,  but helps you learn to love the radiant, smooth skin you are in.

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