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The Science Behind Why Butts Lose Volume

The buttocks lose volume over time due to the lack of collagen production. Collagen, a fibrous protein that's responsible for keeping the skin tight and firm, is a protein that the body produces each day to maintain its structure. As a person gets older, the body slows down collagen production. However, other factors can contribute to the loss of collagen, such as:

Sugar Consumption - Overeating sugar can have drastic adverse effects on the body, including weight gain and type 2 diabetes. When sugar consumption increases, glycation creates a by-product, called AGEs molecules, which when it's overproduced can attach itself to the collagen and damage the proteins. It transforms the collagen from a type II, which is the most elastic and beneficial, to a type I, which is prone to break down and is the most temporary.

Tobacco Use - Tobacco has always been known to harm the body, including the lungs and heart. However, tobacco usage over a long time can cause premature aging. The smoke can cause damage to the collagen by constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow. Because of the lack of blood flow, collagen cannot produce, and thus dies over time.

UV Ray Exposure - UV rays, while it contains elements that are useful for the body, also contains free radicals. These unstable molecules attack healthy cells and attach other elements onto them, causing the cells to mutate and die. Because skin contains collagen, the UV rays can ultimately transform the collagen and damage it over time. However, this mostly occurs from extended exposure overtime.

What Can Sculptra Do To Help?

If natural ways of regaining collagen, such as nutrient supplements, don't work, there's always medical procedures such as Sculptra in Glendale, CA that can help restore collagen. A perfect butt is a common aesthetic goal, but invasive surgery, such as butt implants and butt lifts, can be daunting and risky. Sculptra in Glendale, CA, allow you to get a fuller, rounder butt without the risks of surgery. Sculptra is a dermal filler augmented to fill the areas of the skin and soft tissue. The filler, a poly-L-lactic acid, triggers your body's production of collagen. Unlike traditional invasive procedures, the injections lead to more volume without leaving behind scars or complications.

Who Qualifies For Sculptra?

If you're looking for Sculptra in Glendale, CA, then we at 7Q Spa can help determine whether you're a candidate for the Sculptra procedure. The most suitable patients have the following characteristics:

  1. You're in between the ages of 25-45
  2. Have good health overall
  3. Have a healthy body weight

Those who wish to get Sculptra in Glendale, CA, should have reasonable expectations from the procedure. Sculptra involves a series of injections over a few months, which means that the process of collagen production might be slow and take time. However, according to many of our clients who have taken Sculptra in Glendale, CA, they've experienced the first signs of results within the first six weeks. With Sculptra, your butt will be more contoured overtime, and the results of the procedure can last for years. If you’re interested in getting Sculptra in Glendale, CA, call us and schedule a consultation.

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