Simple Daily Changes to Help You Lose Weight

It happens every year: Summer’s around the corner and you’re looking to lose a few pounds. That means you’re going to diet right, hit the gym hard, and reap in the glory of staring eyes. But just like in years past, the hard work doesn’t directly translate to the mirror in the time you expected and you become dissuaded and despondent to your routine.

Not this year! Here are some mindful tips that will help you lose twice the weight with half the effort.


A lot of dieters think that eating healthy means eating less. While that can be true, neglecting your body of its minimal caloric intake can make you crave high-calorie food and snacks at night and can undo your day’s efforts. Instead, try to add new food and snacks to your diet like fruits and vegetables or nuts to stave off hunger and to give you vitamins and minerals generally absent from sweeter treats.


Dieting doesn’t have to mean completely cutting out the food you love since that can quickly deter you from your diet entirely. If you find the cravings too intense to ignore, don’t be afraid to listen, however try cutting the portion in half and save the rest for another day’s cheat meal. By doing this, you won’t feel as if you’re torturing yourself, but you’ll also still be making a conscious effort to cut down on bad eating habits. Over time, you may notice your cravings dwindling.


People can be deterred by the thought of working out as it can seem like an uphill battle just to get to the gym. Instead, try to be more active in smaller day-to-day activities like walking to the grocery store or taking the stairs rather than the elevator. While physical activity may not always fit into your schedule, just the act of looking for ways to be more active will increase your energy and heighten your awareness.

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