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Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the body? Maybe you don’t worry much about your skin, but the truth is you should! The skin works hard every day to protect our bodies from harmful elements. Taking care of your skin and developing a skincare routine is important, and will help the organ do its job better and longer! Start taking better care of your skin with a routine that works for your skin type. Luckily, 7Q Spa specializes in skin care in Glendale, CA.

The main reason our skin changes over time, is directly due to skin collagen breaking down. There are several reasons why this happens, but luckily, there are ways to change some of the damage. Skincare in Glendale, CA is crucial and is probably one of the first things you notice when you look in the mirror. Without healthy skin, it can sometimes be difficult to feel your best self. Instead of relying on makeup and cover-ups, you need to tackle the issue skin deep. 

Determining Your Skin Type


After understanding your skin type, it’s time to determine how to treat it! The four most important treatments your skin needs are:


Why Bother With Skin Care in Glendale, CA? 

If you don’t take care of your skin properly, don’t be surprised if you start having skin problems. Without proper skin treatment, deep lines, wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, sagging, dull, dry, uneven skin can be faced. 

Human Skin Sheds Daily 

Our skin sheds all our dead skin cells daily. It doesn’t fall off all at once - instead, you leave a trail of shed skin everywhere you go. It’s important to wash and exfoliate properly to remove remaining dead skin cells, so your skin doesn’t get clogged by other elemental factors. 

Practice Good Sun Habits


Great skin care in Glendale, CA requires a lot of effort. A regime is needed in order to be effective. Avoid too much exposure to the sun to prevent the harmful effects of radiation. Skin care alone is not enough. A healthy diet is beneficial in improving the elasticity of the skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water, which is essential to good skin care in Glendale, CA. Water helps the body function better, and cleans the pores from the inside. Keeping good habits in addition to good skin care will help the skin age gracefully. Forming a habitual routine of skincare is what helps to solve skin issues, and maintain healthy skin as well.

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