Skin Tightening in Glendale, CA

What Types Of Medical Spa Treatments Help With Skin Tightening? 


Skin tightening treatments help revive lost collagen and elasticity, two key proteins that help the skin stay plump and fresh as people age. Non-surgical skin tightening treatments can help temporarily slow down the aging process and help restore a firmer looking appearance. 


Ultrasound - Ultrasound therapy uses heat waves to help treat the neck, eyebrows, chin, and chest areas. By pushing these waves through the skin’s surface, the waves heat the skin to help reactivate the collagen and elastin proteins that keep your skin plump and young looking. 


Radiofrequency - Radiofrequency focuses on the epidermal layers of the skin to activate the growth of collagen by heating it with radiofrequency waves instead of ultrasound waves. Some radiofrequency are combined with subdermal procedures, which involve poking at the skin with local anesthesia. 


Intense Pulsed Light Treatments - Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, can be used in combination with radiofrequency treatments to focus the radiofrequency energy towards specific points of the face and body, as it induces the natural healing response of the skin to produce elastin and collagen to create a plumper, more youthful face. 


With very few side effects that occur from these procedures, non-surgical skin tightening in Glendale, CA, can drastically improve the way your skin feels and looks, reducing wrinkles and saggy skin to create a more flawless complexion. 


What Services Provide Skin Tightening In Glendale, CA? 


7Q Spa provides many non-surgical treatments for skin tightening in Glendale, CA. As one of the most trusted medical spas in the Glendale area, 7Q Spa works with the client’s health and body chemistry to produce an all-around healthier appearance. 


Mesotherapy treatment - Mesotherapy, a new kind of therapy within the last twenty years, involves injecting FDA-approved vitamins, minerals, and medicines into the mesoderm layer to tighten the skin. Through long intervals of about 2 to 4 weeks, the results of mesotherapy can be astounding and almost miraculous, resulting in tighter skin, less cellulite, and facial rejuvenation. 


PRP Skin Rejuvenation Therapy - Also called the Vampire Facial, this process for skin tightening in Glendale, CA, involves taking a small amount of blood from the client and placing it in a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood, such as the red and white blood cells and plasma. Once separated, the healthcare professional uses the plasma and isolates it with different filters and then inserts the plasma back into the skin to help rejuvenate skin cell growth, smooth fine lines, and regenerate tissue.  


Eclipse Micropen Micro-needling Treatment - Using the latest technology, skin tightening in Glendale, CA has never been any easier. The Eclipse Micropen is one of the top tools of the beauty industry, combining sterile medical grade needles to slightly puncture the skin to induce the body’s natural healing response. As the treated areas heal, new collagen and elastin form smoother, healthier skin. The punctures can also aid in the absorption of other topical treatments such as hyaluronic acid and anti-acne products. 

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