Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin

Good skin care is an essential practice to delay the natural aging process as well as prevent potential skin problems. Whether you’re incorporating these tips at home or keeping them in mind for your next trip to the spa, be sure to follow these tips to help keep your skin looking as young and vibrant as those half your age.


It’s recommended that we drink about two liters (or half gallon) of water every day to keep our body hydrated and healthy. Water helps clear the body of toxins, leaving the skin malleable and soft. While all beverages are water-based, caffeine found in sodas and coffee further dehydrate the body, leaving you with a bloated or groggy feeling.


Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizers and creams every day to keep it smooth and soft in order to prevent your skin from cracking due to dryness. Exfoliating once or twice a week can also help induce new skin cells to generate as you clear the dead skin from your pores. Be sure not to wash your face more than three times a day, though, as you may unintentionally damage your skin.


The benefits found in eating nutritious foods and getting appropriate amounts of exercise are directly mirrored in the quality of your skin. Physical activity will increase blood flow to the cells and nourish the skin. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, too, as lack of sleep can give the appearance of aged skin, acne, and more.

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