Vitamin B12 Shots


Vitamin B12 is vital for our health and well being, as it plays a role in the formation of red blood cells, our neurological stability, and the replication of DNA. This vitamin also contributes greatly to heart health and promotes healthy skin and nails.

Because Vitamin B12 is not produced within the body, we must get this vital nutrient from outside sources. These sources include foods such as fish, meat, milk, and other high protein items. Supplements, pills, and injections are other sources of this much needed vitamin, and used often by those who do not eat meat or animal products.

Without sufficient amounts of B12, one’s health can suffer tremendously. In addition to increased risk of dementia, cardiovascular disease, respiratory ailments, progressive pernicious anemia, and a general decline in overall functioning, insufficient B12 can also wreak havoc on your skin and hair. More than affecting your beauty regimen however, deficiencies in B12 can promote inflammation of the tongue that can lead to problems breathing, as well as put you at increased risk of jaundice, bulging eyes, discolored skin, and brittle nails.



In order to garner the benefits of injectable B12, one must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition. For individuals with iron deficiencies, those who are 50 and older, as well as strict vegetarians who do not get B12 from animal sources, injectable B12 may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The benefits of intramuscular B12 shots include direct, uninterrupted access into the bloodstream. Not only does this allow the vitamin to work quickly, but is also very beneficial for individuals with stomach ailments who cannot tolerate Vitamin B12 pills or supplements.

Individuals who qualify for Vitamin B12 shots receive them for as long as their medical doctor deems necessary. In general, shots are administered a few days a week for anywhere between three weeks to three months. Your body, its need for B12, and your healthcare professional’s medical input are all factored into the duration of your care.


B12 is a vital nutrient that promotes health across a very wide spectrum. This nutrient can be used in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne and eczema, can encourage the growth of healthier looking skin and in turn, reduce the signs of aging, and stimulate healthy hair and nails. The best way to make sure you are getting the proper amount of this vitamin is to eat foods rich in B12, and see your doctor regularly to ensure that your B12 lab values are within normal limits. A healthy diet and consultation about how injectable B12 can help you, should be on the top of your healthcare ‘to do’ list.

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