An UltraShape® procedure typically lasts 45 – 60 minutes. Recommended treatment includes three procedures spaced every two weeks to get the desired results.
UltraShape® is for men and women seeking to rid themselves of stubborn localized fat deposits. Candidates for the treatment want improved contours and shapes. It is not a method for losing weight.
So far, UltraShape® is used to treat the abdomen, flanks and thighs.
No. UltraShape® is painless. Many patients do report a mild-to-moderate tingling or warmth in the treatment area.
In clinical studies, researchers have found that the typical UltraShape® patient had lost 1.3 inches. Patients can lose up to two dress sizes if they combine the procedure with diet and exercise. As with liposuction, the results can be long-lasting if the patient follows a healthy diet and exercise regimen that prevents them from gaining weight.
After the UltraShape® procedure, it takes the body two to four weeks to clear away the destroyed fat cells and send them to the liver. The results of the procedure therefore don’t start to show until two to four weeks after the first treatment. The maximum results don’t become apparent until four weeks after the final treatment.
As UltraShape® is a medical procedure, there are some risks, but they are minimal.
Since UltraShape® is so minimally invasive and does not involve any surgery; the patient can resume their normal activities immediately.


Yes. Professional tattoos that use dark inks like blues and blacks, however, are most reception to the laser’s “shattering” and thus fade in fewer sessions, while green and yellow inks are less affected and may require more sessions for complete removal.
In many cases, yes. Though each tattoo is different, most tattoos usually fade more than 95% if the recommended number of treatments is administered; 7Q Spa’s physicians will be able to estimate your tattoo treatment’s efficacy during the initial consultation.
Though the number of treatments depends on a variety of factors—the type and color of ink, the depth of the ink, the client’s immune system and healing process—it usually takes 6-12 sessions, each conducted eight weeks apart, to remove most tattoos.