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Do you dream of tighter skin, fewer fine lines, and a radiant appearance? Then TempSure™ could be right for you. With a short treatment and virtually no downtime, TempSure can deliver impressive results. To learn more about this skin rejuvenating treatment, call 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics in Glendale, California, or book your appointment online today.

TempSure Q & A

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What is a TempSure treatment?

TempSure is an ideal treatment for a wide variety of skin types. It can be used to create younger-looking, firmer skin no matter your level of sun exposure. TempSure uses gentle but effective radiofrequency waves to stimulate your skin and encourage the growth of new collagen. Collagen is an important protein in your skin that helps it stay elastic and fight fine lines and wrinkles. Think of it as your skin’s elastic net that gives it its structure.

A TempSure treatment is a quick, effective way to spur more collagen production in your skin, smoothing fine lines and giving you tighter, younger-looking skin.

How does TempSure work?

TempSure uses radiofrequency technology to safely heat the deeper layers of your skin. With its advanced temperature sensors, it heats the skin just enough to trick it into thinking it’s injured. As a result, the skin floods itself with growth factors, spurring the creation of new collagen.

TempSure is so effective because the radiofrequency waves can penetrate deeply into your skin. This allows the aesthetics experts at 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics to give you more pronounced results using your skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Because the results are created by your own skin, you look younger, more energized, and completely natural.

What can I expect during and after my TempSure treatment?

One of the best parts of the TempSure treatment is that it’s quick and comfortable. Most treatments take 45 minutes or less. What’s more, there is no recovery period. You may experience some slight redness but it will fade quickly. In fact, you can have the treatment performed, then continue on with your day immediately after, making this an ideal lunchtime procedure.

Most clients report that the treatment itself is relaxing and therapeutic. You will experience a gentle warming sensation and can enjoy the feeling of your skin being massaged.

You leave your appointment glowing and will usually notice increased tightness in your skin right away. The results will continue to improve over the next week as your skin builds more and more collagen.

If you would like more information about TempSure treatments or are ready to schedule your appointment, book it online or call 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics today.