Mesotherapy is a dermatological treatment of the face, neck, shoulders, and decolletage that promotes healthier, tighter, glowing skin by removing blemishes, correcting uneven pigmentation, reducing cellulite, and smoothing wrinkles and lines. The philosophy behind mesotherapy is that the small needles that are injected into the mesoderm, or middle layer of skin, improve circulation, inflammation, and any conditions that might hinder your natural beauty.


A series of miniature injections containing vitamins, plant extracts, enzymes, as well as other homeopathic and allopathic substances, are injected individually or through a specially designed, larger volume needle gun, that targets and reduces fat cells. Treatments are painless, do not leave scars, and allow you to be up and about the same day as your procedure. Mesotherapy is a wonderful alternative to liposuction, as healing time is much quicker and does not require sedation to block out the pain. That said, repeated treatments are needed in order to achieve maximum skin rejuvenation.


In addition to feeling good on the skin, mesotherapy is the only treatment plan that can be effectively used for facial revitalization, cellulite reduction, and weight loss. Mesotherapy treatments are specifically designed for each user and cater to whatever it is you are looking for. With no pain and the ability to creatively design your own care plan, it is no wonder that mesotherapy is as revered and sought after as it is.


There are factors to consider before having mesotherapy, including allergic reactions for those who have particularly sensitive skin. It is important to discuss your treatments thoroughly so that you know what to expect and can luxuriate in your treatment. Individuals with bleeding disorders or a fear of needles however, would do well to decline this type of care.

Before you decide how to proceed, contact 7Q Spa to discuss your mesotherapy treatment options and how we can tailor the treatment to your needs, sensitivities, and style.

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