Ready to book an appointment for Under Eye Filler at our Glendale, CA location?

We carry a variety of fillers like Restylane® & Juvederm to help rejuvenate the under eyes. Our providers determine the type of filler and appropriate treatments on a case by case basis. We recommend setting up a consultation to discuss Under Eye Filler with one of our injectors. 

All of the providers at our Glendale, CA location aim to provide patients with a comfortable experience that yields beautiful results. While some patients may experience discomfort, a combination of extra-strength numbing cream and advanced injectable techniques ensure minimal pain.

Longevity and results may vary depending on the patient and how hollow the tear trough area is. Most patients will see results for up to 1 year. Regular touch-ups can help prolong your results. 

Pricing may vary depending on each patient’s overall goals. Give us a call or request more information here. Be sure to check-out our monthly specials for the best deals on Under Eye Filler, Botox, and more! 

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