Long Beach, CA

Karla Zg

Came in about 3 weeks ago and the service was amazing. The place is super nice and clean and the staff is also very helpful and polite

Burbank, CA

Kristine P.

I love Lilia!! I am so picky with anything on my face. I got fillers done with her and I have never been happier. I’ve done fillers at many different places including high end plastic surgery centers in Beverly Hills. But none compare to Lilias work. I’ve never been this satisfied. I am definitely a loyal client of Lilia from now on. Thank you Lilia!

Los Angeles, CA

Yuri Love A.

I had a red carpet facial & my lips done here recently and I’m in love! I never felt so confident in my life. I seriously can’t not thank this team enough Wonderful experience! Very clean, and professional! I would highly recommend. Thanks Lilia & Meda

Los Angeles, CA

Beneficence N.

Best weightloss plan in the area. Good prices. Professional staff. Friendly, knowledgeable (including the front desk) clean place too.

Fullerton, CA

Amber R.

I got restylane silk under my eyes about a month ago, I look refreshed younger and some friends say my eyes look bigger. I was happy with the amazing service and how nice the nurse Lilia was. I had mild bruising and swelling and healed quick.You won’t be sorry on investing in your beauty here.

Los Angeles, CA

Fifi H.

Went for voluma lilia was attentive ,patient and knowledgeable ..I will be making this my go to for pulling back the hands of time


7QSpa is by far the most incredible, comfortable and wonderful experiences I’ve ever had at a spa. From the minute I walked in I knew I was in great hands. The atmosphere is homely and warm and the staff are so helpful and welcoming. I have recommended 7QSpa to absolutely everybody I know and will be returning frequently. There is no other spa like it and I can’t speak highly enough about 7QSpa! 10/10

Free Consultation
Juvederm Lip Augmentation


I started a new free life after my Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.

Hi my name is James Gaines. Colon Hydrotherapy at 7 Q Spa and Medical Center has been amazing and transformation for me. For year I suffered from the irritable bowel and skin problems. After having my first three colon hydrotherapies, I have achieved regularity and my skin cleared, can you tell. By the way, what’s great is that this therapy has affected my overall health. Now I love the energy I get after the treatment and I love being back to normal. I recommend that everyone uses this type of cleanse at least once or twice a year. I already have mine scheduled!

Consultation: Free
Colon Hydrotherapy: 10 Sessions


Yes, beauty is very important to me. I love the look that Botox has given me.

Hi. My name is Sarah. Yes, beauty is very important to me. I love the look that Botox has given me. Botox has taken that terrible frown off my face that I was unable to control. I used to look angry, but I wasn’t. Now, with Botox I can maintain my beauty and am not afraid of aging. By the way, I was so surprised how quick and painless the procedure was! You know, I had my concerns about it: should I or should I not. I asked around a lot for the best place to get my first Botox done, and “7Q spa” kept coming up from my female circle of friends. After research and a consultation at 7Q spa, I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did!

Consultation: Free 
Cosmetic Procedure: 2 Sessions


My severe acne that I have suffered from for about 5 years is now gone after several sessions of colon hydrotherapy and oral cleanse.


Hi. My name is Polina. I am 20. I love the changes in my skin after the cleanse at 7Q Spa. I have suffered from acne for about 5 years. And now, after several sessions of colon hydrotherapy and oral cleanse, it’s gone!! I used to spend so much money on trying to get rid of my acne with creams and cleansers, you name it, without results. Colon Hydrotherapy helped treat my acne by eliminating the cause. My friend said I should give a try to Colon Hydrotherapy since it has helped her a lot. So, I went in for a FREE initial consultation and introductory session. After only five treatments I noticed a drastic change in the texture and overall appearance of my skin. My skin was smoother and less red. I’m about 8 treatments in and my skin is getting clearer every day. I even actually have people complimenting me on my complexion, something I thought would never happen. How do I look now?:) Many thanks to 7Q for changing the quality of my life and the way I feel about me.!

Consultation: Free
Colon Hydrotherapy: 1 Session

ADMIRE HUMBLE PEOPLE… If I may just say, Lilia is filled with infinite amount of knowledge when it comes to injections. I have yet experienced injections with 7Q Spa and it would only be fair to recommend based on my experience. However, they have all other services that one must explore.

Speaking of needles… Phobia! Big time! Ask me if I felt anything? Zero!!!

What is so amazing is that she uses a marker dotting where she needs to fill in instead of asking you to frown every time she injects. People who are familiar with injections know how annoying it can get when have to constantly frown in order to make the areas more visible to inject.

Speaking of side effects: Because I have allergies; thankfully, botox helps me with that as well. However, after every injections, I get horrible headaches that will last at least two days. I am so happy that I did not experience them for the first time in my life. Talk about easily getting bruised; well, I found none!

I am a young woman who wants to look young but certainly not fake. Thank God for my genes, I don’t need a lot of injections and don’t have to spend so much money. However, every business owner wants to sell a product just to make money without realizing how unethical it can get. No One woman wants to age fast and would do anything to slow down the process. I personally feel so vulnerable every time I get injections because it simply reminds me that I am getting older. I am so thankful that Lilia didn’t take advantage of my vulnerability but normalized my situation and only injected the amount of filler and botox that I needed. Silly me, of course I wanted more but she did not recommend and explained the reason. Let’s just say that I saved 800 dollars compare to previous experience with another business.

Those of you who are fearful over needle pokes, Lilia can do a filler with one poke; in addition, you won’t even feel it.I always believe that successful family can concur the world. I was at a restaurant with a friend last week when I noticed Lilia’s husband appreciating one of the employees and I kindly recognized his thoughtful gesture. On our way out, we got into a small conversation where it led to a new friendship. It’s pretty difficult nowadays to find genuine human beings and it’s a lot more difficult to find a real man who appreciates his woman. Both, Lilia and her husband poured out wonderful advices as if we were their children (pretty shocking huh, especially when all this comes from a stranger). My point is, it is very difficult to create a successful family, and if one can; creating a successful business is a piece of cake!

FYI, their office smells so yummy 🙂

Thank You so much for an amazing service!

Angelina B.
Los Angeles, CA